Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting fit in fat city?

3 months ago I moved from the health conscious, fitness centric city of Vancouver, BC to Houston TX, a city which has ranked in the top 6 fattest cities in America (according to Men's Health) since 2000. In fact from 2000-2003, Houston ranked number 1 for fatness!  For awhile in the mid 2000s, things looked thinner, with Houston dropping as low as 6th on the list.  But 2012 saw not only my arrival to Houston, but Houston's arrival back at the top of the fattest city in America list.

The incredibly hot weather, the lack of public transit and the proliferation of fast food restaurants are cited as major reasons for the obesity epidemic down here.  But I had to ask, is that a cop out?  Are we just being lazy?  After being here for 3 months and putting on several pounds myself, I'm setting out to prove that living in Houston, a city I absolutely love, doesn't have to equal weight gain and unhealthy habits!

Houston has incredible restaurants, so I'll be attempting to find the healthiest ways to eat out.  Houston's constant heat may send most people running for the couch and the AC, but I'm going to hit it running, literally, but tracking down the best spots to run, hike and walk this great city.  And when I've resisted the high fat, delicious foods and run my butt off (literally), I'm going to seek out the best ways to pamper yourself (without food, can't undo all that hard work!)

If you have restaurants I should try (or should stay away from at all costs!), comment here.  Share your favorite hikes, outdoor activities or anything to get the heart rate up!  I love this city, and I'm determined to prove there's much more to Houston then food and fat!

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