Monday, August 27, 2012

Motivated Mondays

One of the greatest sources of motivation is our own mistakes.  Falling off the healthy wagon can serve as a great reminder of why we want to be back on that wagon.

Like so many Houston apartment complexes, ours features a great pool and this past weekend the leasing office hosted a big pool party. The party featured DJs, raffle draws, and beach balls...not too mention tons of alcohol and food (catered by Freebirds, a Texas burrito joint).  Of course we had a great time, but when you party all day Saturday, it so often carries into Sunday. Knowing I'd be eating and drinking more then usual Saturday, I'd planned for it and included an extra tough morning workout.  But, Sunday is my rest day and between my own laziness and my husbands McDonalds craving, the gluttonous eating carried past my one planned day.

So after chastising myself for unhealthy choices (Cheat day or meal is not a big deal, over eating unhealthy foods all weekend is!), I decided to find the motivation in this mistake. I thought about how unsatisfying this McDonalds meal was, especially for the caloric cost. I focused on how I felt more, not less lethargic after I ate it.  I contemplated how much more brutal my upcoming legs workout was going to feel the day after this nutrient devoid meal. And, I didn't vow to never go off track again, I just vowed to remember these feelings.  It's easier to choose healthy foods when we take the time to stop and think how we feel during and after the unhealthy meals.

Motivation comes from a lot of places, but I think it can be particularly powerful when it comes from your own life, decisions and experiences. When you can remember what makes you feel great, and what brings you down, it becomes easier to choose the path to greatness, even if it's not the "easy" route.

What's motivating you today?


  1. Today it was a comment by someone else's personal trainer that I should be doing a lot of weight training as I am "a woman of a certain age". I have several friends who have fallen and seriously broken bones lately so that's another motivation. I am also Julia's mum and I want both her and her sister to be strong and healthy so I'd better be sure to try and be the example. I am surrounded by motivation it seems.

    1. I'm featuring you in an upcoming workout Wednesday...about weights.