Monday, August 20, 2012

Motivated Mondays

What's your motivation to live healthy and fit this week?  

For me, it's bathing suit season! Here in Houston we spend so much time at the pool, escaping the heat, socializing and tanning. Feeling comfortable in your suit is a must. Today a very dear friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook of herself hanging at the lake in a bikini. This is a friend who often shied away from having any pictures at all posted of her.  But she recently undertook the LiveFit Jamie Eason (Middleton) program (I've done this program twice and it's amazing). And you know what? She looks fabulous and more importantly, she's confident!  This friend used to say "you know me, I don't work out" but she's changed her outlook, and thus her body and truly her whole life. 

How many times do we say this year is different? This summer I'll rock that bikini and look (and feel) great? But we often neglect those goals all year long only to feel overweight and embarrassed come bikini season.  

Right now, I challenge you (and me) to stop those feelings now! Bikini season is here, let's not let another pool/beach/lake day go by without making choices that get us closer to that body that we'll feel awesome flaunting. Let the rest of this summer be your motivation. Let next summer be your motivation.  Let your fit friends be your motivation.  Let the knowledge that even winter clothes look better on fit bodies be your motivation. Let the knowledge that you, only you, have the power to get yourself the fittest you can be. And you CAN do it!!

What's motivating you today?

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