Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Workout Wednesday

Of course I don't recommend only working out on Wednesdays but I like aliterations so my workout suggestions just make sense here!*

I spend part of my time outside Texas in the Luling area and gyms are hard to come by out there. And where I stay, there isn't much more than major roadways and highways to run on (dangerous and kinda gross from all the car exhaust!).  I had to come up with lots of at home workout options. This is a particular favorite of mine because most of us find time to watch at least an hour (or more!) of TV day and this is the perfect workout for in front of the TV.

It's simple, pick your show and get moving!

When commercials are airing, raise your heart rate with some cardio.  Jump rope, jog in pace, jumping jacks, anything, as long as you keep your heart rate up during the whole commercial break.
Then, when the show starts up again pick 3-5 strength exercise and do 10 reps of each repeating the circuit till the next commercial break. During the commercials, you're back to cardio. Repeat for as long as you can (and I know you can do at least one hour long show!).

First Ad: jump rope
Show segment: squats, push ups, lunge squats and repeat
Second Ad: jumping jacks
Show segment: dips (use a chair or table), pliet squats, lying leg raise on each side and repeat (see below for more exercise options)

See, you can do anything in the circuits but I guarantee you'll have worked out cardio and strength for an hour in no time!

What's your no-gym go to workout?

Strength Options:
Push ups (don't wimp out and cut right to girl push ups, at least attempt the full ones!)
Squats, lunge squats, pliƩ squats, single leg squats, squat jumps
Lunges, reverse lunges
Lying leg raises
Crunches, oblique crunches, planks, side planks

Cardio Options:
Jumping jacks
Jump rope
Marching or running in place
The dreaded burpees! 

*I am not a personal trainer (yet) so these are my suggestions only and they in no way replace your own knowledge or other recommendations. You should always consult your doctor before attempting a new workout or diet regime.

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