Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Workout Wednesdays

Recent studies have shown that running or jogging at a moderate pace for at least an hour a week can add 5-6 years to your life!  I'm a runner already (not the fastest runner, not the furthest runner either, but I believe if you run, you're a runner regardless of distance or speed), but this tidbit from the Copenhagen City Heart Study made me want to run even more!

Imagine all you can do with 5 extra years? Imagine how much more of your kids, grand kids and even great grand kids lives you could experience?  Imagine that extra time with your spouse? (Another great reason to get your spouse hitting the pavement with you!)

A lot of people are intimidated by starting a running regime but running is actually one of the easiest activities to start because all you need is shoes and space. You can start by just heading out and running a bit, walking when you need to. Or you can check out some of the great apps like Couch 2 5K or Interval Run, both of which will coach you through an interval running regime until you're comfortably running 5k.  You can also easily create your program. Start with 1 minute intervals of walking and running and then add time to running intervals until you're running 10 straight minutes at a time (many runners who run longer distance races stay at 1 minute walking, 10 minutes running forever).

The most important thing is to start! And...get the right shoes. Go to a proper running store, have them look at your feet, how you run, how you walk and have them help you choose the right shoes for your feet and your running style. And then remember to replace those shoes every 3-6 months or 300-400 miles.

Do you run?  What's your favorite/least favorite thing about running?

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