Monday, September 17, 2012

Motivated Mondays

Today was a tough weigh in for me - I cut out wheat and ate healthy and within calories all week, worked out and I gained.  I don't know why, I don't even know how.  I do know that this is what I've been struggling with for years and this is usually the point where I give up.  I don't eat like crazy or stop working out or anything, I just decide it's too hard to care about actually losing weight and I give up.  It's depressing to think just how many times I've sat here feeling this way so when I checked in with my own virtual trainer this morning, I conveyed this feeling to her. I told her honestly how disappointed I was, how demotivating it is to work so damn hard and have no success and how absolutely badly I want this and I do not want to give up! I have very specific goals for my life that involve weight loss, fitness and health and giving up is just not an option.

My virtual trainer reminded me to give it my all, every day, all the time.  NO exceptions.  You can have a little leeway at goal but right now, it's 100% all the time.  Having that support system is priceless.  It doesn't have to be a trainer, although the extra knowledge of a certified trainer or nutritionist is awesome, but even just a friend you check in with regularly can be all it takes to remind you that even in the tough times, even when the scale doesn't budge, you have to stay the course.  Giving up now just means starting again later.

So how did I handle this tough weigh in? I asked for help from someone I trust.  I hit the gym...hard! I planned my meals for the day and worked on plans for the week.  I committed to staying the course no matter what.  I committed to myself not to let this weigh in derail me.  I reminded myself that my goals are worth the work and more importantly, I am worth achieving my goals!

How do you stay motivated when the results aren't showing yet?


  1. You ARE worth the work and we're all here to help and cheer you on in any way we can.

  2. And hey, maybe it was gaining muscle? Sounds like you're getting stronger with all you're doing! I "know" a girl who struggles with this a lot because she gains muscle when she works out, but she looks HOT. Actually you might enjoy her blog:

  3. Thanks for the support and encouragement ladies! After this post I worked out with a good friend and she commented "you have crazy muscle in your back and arms" which was a nice boost and just what I needed to remind that I have built tons of muscle over the past 2 years and that while the number isn't showing what I want, a lot of areas of my body are! That, coupled with your support and the encouragement of my personal trainer, I am feeling motivated to keep going!