Monday, September 24, 2012

Motivated Mondays

Last week I talked about how I have a long history with difficult weigh-ins (weigh-ins which I didn't truly feel reflected the level of effort I put in) and that for years, the process of losing weight, stalling, and gaining again had always completely derailed me.  I never stopped working out or started eating like crazy but I worked out only for enjoyment (that's not a bad thing!) and ate healthy because usually I think it tastes better and I know I feel better, but I would always abandon the macro-nutrient and calorie counting.

After the disappointing weigh-in last week, I reached out for help instead of feeling defeated.  Well I felt defeated but instead of allowing that to end my focus, I asked my personal trainer for help.  I asked her for motivation and encouragement and I posted publicly here asking for support (and got it!).  I was honest that I was afraid of being defeated by this pattern again, but with the support I received by reaching out, I pushed through the last week and had a very successful week (within my goal calories all week, with my macros in the right ratios for me and...a 2.2lb loss!).

I admit that I struggle with where I am.  I have tons of muscle, I have good cardiovascular fitness and I eat well.  My body size is fairly small and compact and so while I am fit and even thin by American standards, I am not where I personally want to be.  My clothes always fit, I feel comfortable in a bikini and I never feel like the fat girl in the room.  But...I know I could be better.  I have long terms fitness and health goals, that combined with my career goals require more of me health wise.  I am training as nutritionist, and will be doing my personal training diploma soon.  For me to feel fully confident in this career choice, I need to be even fitter, even healthier.

So, after pushing through last week and being rewarded for my hard work with loss, I have to stay committed and focused this week.  I read my personal trainer's Monday email which was about discipline and I will remind myself of that all week.  I will remind myself how many people pulled for me to get through last week and how great I feel when I did.  And I won't be afraid to seek other sources of motivation if I feel myself waning at all.

How do you stay motivated? Do you have a mantra for when the going gets tough?  Where are your sources of support and encouragement in this health journey?

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  1. Staying motivated is so hard when you think you aren't getting the results you should. Ahhhh, that should word. Should makes you feel like you're a failure if you don't or can't. Failure never makes you feel good. For a few people, failure can be a motivator, but for most it's just a downer.

    Take should out of the equation and think about what you did accomplish. Was it healthy eating? Was doing a harder exercise? Was it learning something new about you? Did you have some fun this week laughing with a friend, singing out loud or just sharing a long conversation with a family and friends. Yes, it might have been even better if you lost a pound or two, but that will happen if stay focused and know you are doing your best.

    Keep it up and don't let should's get in the way.