Monday, September 24, 2012

Wheat Free - Sept 11 to 24

Rather then post all the time about my wheat free adventure, I thought I'd create a post with how this process is going in larger chunks, a few days at a time compiled into one post.

Day 1 was definitely not as hard as I thought it would be but it wasn't necessarily particularly healthy! I gave myself some leeway on my other foods yesterday (although I stuck strictly to wheat-free, whole foods) so I was little over my calories but overall I was happy.

Day 2 started with yoga and some time with a friend which meant I had less time to think about not eating wheat (I had weights and cardio still to do that day).  However, I find myself paranoid about what food items might contain wheat.  I turned down a Lara bar rather then check the ingredients, and I checked to make sure mustard and ketchup don't have wheat (my Heinz ketchup and French's Honey Mustard are both wheat-free but do contain high fructose syrup, not great either!).  At the end of the day I enjoyed some air popped popcorn and I have to say, just cutting out wheat is much easier then cutting out all carbs (which I've also done in the past) although I sure I'll get a craving for my favorite food, pizza, soon!

Day 3 has started out quite well.  I had pretty much given up wheat for breakfast awhile ago when I realized that I have way better work outs when I have protein in the morning instead of carbs.

Day 5 was a little tricky as my husband and I had been invited to a dinner party in honor of my sister-in-law's upcoming marriage.  I had never met the hosts before but they have been close friends of my husband's family for a long time.  I am also of the mindset that unless it's for religious/moral reasons or severe allergies, you eat what's put in front of you when someone else makes dinner.  I usually manage dinner invites by simply eating less or focusing on the healthy components of a meal so I don't have to draw attention to being a "picky" eater!  In this case though, the dinner consisted of bread and crackers with cheese for an appetizer and garlic bread and lasagna for dinner! I avoided the appies, said no to garlic bread and tried to casually eat only the meat, sauce and cheese out of the lasagna without looking too weird! Fortunately the alcohol was flowing and no one seemed to notice.  But it did remind me how prevalent wheat is and how when we have a goal, we have to do whatever we can (politely) to honor that goal.

Day 9 and over week complete already! I have to say, I am kind of surprised how easy it's been so far.  I really thought it would be super hard because I do love my carbs (and we have Cinnamon Toast Crunch, one of my favorites, in the house right now!) but once I made the decision, it seemed easy-ish to just stick with it!  We'll see how the next week goes!

Day 14 and by the end of today it will have been two weeks Wheat Free! I definitely had a couple of hidden sources of wheat during this time but I avoided the obvious ones and did my best to read labels to avoid the not so obvious ones.  I didn't really lose weight but I did notice a slight decrease in sugary carb cravings.  I also noticed feeling much fuller with smaller portions when I focused my meals solely on lean proteins and vegetables.  I have no desire to add wheat back in right now.  Although I assume at some point I will have a slice of pizza, or a cheeseburger or something with wheat, I will wait until it's something that I REALLY want, and not just a passing craving!

Have you ever considered going wheat free? Why or why not? If you have gone wheat free, what was it like?  Did you see any benefits or drawbacks?

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