Monday, October 1, 2012

Motivated Mondays

I've talked about using goals to motivate yourself in the past but I wanted to revisit this idea.  This Saturday I am doing the Tough Mudder in Austin, TX with my husband and two friends.  Knowing that this grueling race was ahead of me kept me motivated all summer to run faster, lift heavier and to change my workouts to include more functional training (more push-ups, my first successful no assist chin-ups, dips, sprints etc).  This past week in particular I really saw the results of that training when I accomplished things in my workouts that I hadn't been able to before.  Having a goal helps push you when you don't want to push anymore; signing up for a race, a charity walk/run, or a competition can really keep you going through the hard times.

But what happens after you accomplish that goal? Our team has already decided to indulge in one of our favorite restaurants the day after the Mudder (Lupe Tortilla for locals!).  I don't believe in rewarding yourself with food (you're not a dog are you?) but I do believe in timing your indulgences with heavy workouts and at 10 miles long with 26 obstacles, I think it's safe to say the Mudder is a tough workout!  It is, however, very important to not lose track of your healthy lifestyle after you reach your goal, whether the goal is a lower weight, a race or a big day like your wedding.  So while I probably won't do much more then a little stretching on the Sunday after the race, and I will be indulging a little more than usual at Lupe Tortilla, by Monday I will be right back into my regular healthy eating and workout habits.

I also set new goals so there is something else to work towards after this goal is completed.  I set several running related goals, mostly relating to increasing my time and distance.  I set specific weight loss goals (lose 5lbs by the end of November).  And I am getting married in May of 2013 and I plan to look my absolute best that day (if you've been reading a while, you know I already talk about my husband so to clarify, we are married but we eloped to Vegas and we're having a ceremony with family and friends next year).

Don't let the accomplishment of a goal derail your future plans. Celebrate your success for a moment and then set the next goal.  You can always accomplish more!


  1. Lupe Tortilla....Guacamole at the table! OMG! You've worked so hard for the Mudder some guacamole is definitely in order. Enjoy the race and the dinner.