Monday, October 15, 2012

Motivated Mondays

Today's theme - YOU!

When it comes down to it, weight, health, fitness and strength are all about you.  YOU are your main motivator.  No one can make you do it and if you set out to hit the gym, lose weight and eat healthy for anyone but yourself, you are bound to fail.  When you're contemplating that extra cookie, cupcake, slice of pizza or high calorie alcoholic drink, YOU are the only person who decides what you do next.  Whether your walk away (or run!) or indulge, it's all up to YOU.  When you feel like you are absolutely done in the gym, YOU decide if you want to push through one more set, or run just that little bit longer.  When you're out to dinner and everyone is ordering high fat, high sugar, high carb foods, only YOU can decide that your health and your goals are worth more.

This may sound daunting but it's actually really empowering!  How many other areas of our lives are really 100% under our control? Our jobs can change with bosses, the economy or coworkers. Our relationships involve the opinions and feelings of another person.  Our friendships ebb and flow as life changes.  Hell, even our cars break down when they want, our pipes burst with no warning and the furnace goes out when you need it most.  All you can do is react.  But when it comes to your health and fitness and achieving the body you desire, it's all YOU.  It's YOU in the drivers seat and that means you will get out exactly what YOU put in.

I've always said the mind quits long before the body does (if you follow me on Facebook, you know it's been on my profile for years) and it's true.  Your mind will tell you that you're done, that you should give up, that it's too hard, too long, too pointless long before your body ever gets there.  When you think I can't, trust me, your body is saying, I damn well will!

What's your mantra to push through the challenging moments? How do you motivate yourself to give just a little bit more?

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