Thursday, October 25, 2012

Motivated Mondays

I recently read that when healthy weight women consider themselves to be overweight, they are, in fact, more likely to become overweight!

I was shocked to read this because, as I've said before, I am hyper-critical of myself.  I have a bad habit of referring to myself as fat or chubby even though rationally, I know I am not.  My husband and I have this thing we call "pinch and criticize" - it's a bad habit of both of ours (more me than him though) to stand in front of the mirror and judge our perceived "flaws", pinching at imagined imperfections.  After reading that this could contribute to me actually becoming overweight, I decided it's time to make a concerted effort to adjust my thinking and self-talk.

Instead of criticizing myself, I am going to try to compliment myself.  When I find myself judging what I think is a flaw, I am going to force myself to acknowledge something I like about myself.

If we spoke to our friends the way we often speak to ourselves, we'd have no friends! Why are we so hard on ourselves?  We can blame media, the high intensity pressure on women to look or act a certain way, or we can blame our mothers for having their own body issues, or we can blame men for looking at unattainable female forms in magazines and porn or really any other source of image pressure we want.  But I really believe that most images of ourselves come from inside and even if they don't, we can only change them from within.  In general, we are way way harder on ourselves than our significant others would ever be. We're harder on ourselves than our friends would ever dream of being on us.  We need to build ourselves up the same way we build our friends and loved ones up.  If you're friend came to you saying "I feel so fat today", you would never reply "well you are a fat-ass" but we say things like that to ourselves all the time.  And when we beat ourselves up so much, it's hard to stay motivated on the bigger picture, which is not fat or thin, it's healthy versus unhealthy.  We should be exercising and eating well to preserve and promote our health first and foremost.  If we don't value ourselves enough to speak kindly to our inner selves, how can we possible be motivated to take care of ourselves and our health?

This week, try to counter every negative thought with at least one positive one.  When you find yourself thinking something negative, stop and think, how would I help get a friend out of this funk and then apply it to yourself.  Remember that the goal is health, not image and that if you value yourself enough to take care of your physical health, you should be taking care of your mental health and self-esteem too.

How do you curb the negative talk? Do you find yourself being overly criticcal of yourself? Do you see yourself as overweight even if statistically/logically you're not?

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