Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Workout Wednesdays

We've talked about how great running is (in my opinion!) before but I wanted to revisit the topic of running because I feel like it's one of the tougher elements of working out for people to dive into.

My husband hates running.  He associates it with punishments from his school sports days (he's a big basketball player!).  However, he agreed to do the Tough Mudder with me and some friends in October and although an injury will prevent his from running much of it, I kind of think he secretly wishes he was a runner.  Sometimes when we drive past Memorial Park, he sometimes chuckles at people running in hilarious outfits (there are some seriously big rimmed visors out there!) but he when he was injured and couldn't play basketball, he mumbled out how jealous he was of everyone out running in the sun.  He runs all over the court playing ball but claims he can't run.

My sister likes to do some running.  She hates running on the treadmill and feels like it gives her shin splints, but she loves heading out with her giant dog for a jog.  However, I've never heard her call herself a runner, even though she is, and she's good at it!

One of my best friends hikes a ton and sometimes run or jogs those hiking paths in Vancouver (did I mention how much I miss the hiking in the Vancouver?).  She doesn't describe herself as a runner either!

What is about running that makes us feel like until we go a certain pace or a certain distance, we can't claim to be runners?  Is there some secret running club you need to be a part of before you can boldly claim, I'm a Runner!!  Do you have to run a race?  Do you have to run a certain number of times per week?  Why does it seem to be so hard to claim our running unless we're marathoners?

It took me a long time to accept it, but I am a runner! I run sprints, and longer distances.  I am not terribly fast but I do love the feeling of hitting a new pace or a new distance.  I look kind of weird when I run (my sister says I run like a horse...I'm not even sure what that means!) but I run.  I put the shoes on, I put the Nike or LuluLemon running pants, I put the two bras on (I HATE boob jiggle when I run!) and I RUN!  That's all it takes, getting out there and doing it.  If you run, whether fast or slow, long or short, often or occasionally, you are a runner!  And it's a great form of cardio, stress release and frankly, it builds an incredible sense of accomplishment, especially if like so many of us, you are just a little afraid to run.

Do you run?  Do you describe yourself as a runner or do you just include it as part of your workouts, afraid to toot your own horn?

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