Monday, November 12, 2012

Motivated Mondays

After completing the Tough Mudder, I talked about needing a new goal. I tend to be very motivated gym-wise regardless but I found having the Mudder looming was the extra incentive I needed to eat right and push myself into not necessarily harder workouts (I always go hard, just ask my husband!) but different workouts.

Well, today I am announcing the new goal which is the Austin 3M Half Marathon January 2013. I'll admit, I'm kinda scared! But completing the 12 miles (with obstacles!) of the Mudder showed me I can do way more than I think I can.

Coincidentally, a woman I am doing some personal training and nutrition counseling with is also doing a Half in January so while I help her meet her goals (couch to half!), I have someone else knowing what I'm working through too!

Having a goal isn't the be all and end all. Frankly I've enjoyed the last little while of just working out because I love how it makes me feel and eating what I want, within reason (which oddly enough resulted in a 6lb weight loss for me!). But with all the parties, holidays and dinners coming up, I like the idea of having a tough goal close by to help me stick to small portions of tasty treats and not overindulge thinking oh well, I can work it off in the new year (which, if you see my previous post, most people don't!). So if you haven't yet, set a goal for yourself and carry it through the holiday season.

What are your goals for 2013? If you don't have any, set some! It will make staying focused through the holiday eating season much easier!

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