Monday, November 26, 2012

Motivated Mondays

A lot of us start healthy lifestyle changes with friends and family. A support system is a must! But what happens when the motivation everyone started with starts to wain for a some?

I am fortunate to have a fairly healthy eating and living family who generally support what I do. My husband is health conscious but left to his own devices won't always choose the healthiest meals and I've found the best defense for both of us is for me to prepared with healthy dinner ideas. As far as working out, he's just as likely (or more!) to motivate me to workout as I am to motivate him. I'm lucky that way.

That being said, I've had a lot of friends jump on the healthy living train after seeing my successes. It's great to inspire people but if I'm totally honest, I find myself wondering how much I can or should push these friends to stick with their new goals and how much I should just leave it be.

I use My Fitness Pal which allows you to see when your friends log in, when they work out and when they lose weight. When someone hasn't logged in for awhile, it prompts you to encourage them. I always wonder if I should or do changes truly have to come only from the person making those changes? I worry that reminding someone to stick to their goals and plans will just come off as condescending. When we fall off the wagon, aren't we really the first to know anyway? Hearing a reminder from a friend can seem like just another guilt inducer. It's a fine line between support and pushing your own beliefs on others. I often wonder what my role as a friend is and if I invest too heavily in another's success, will I end pushing them away or being negatively effected by them? Can my motivation motivate more than just me?

Would you want to hear from a friend? What do you think your place is in the healthy journey of loved ones? Do you want others to encourage you or does that just leave you feeling pressured or guilty?


  1. Next time just say, "Atina, get ur ass on it!!" :-)

  2. I think accountability is important!! WW is an effective diet plan, but I believe the biggest contribution they provide is accountability through weight ins & what not. Sometimes we all need a "body check' to remind us of our goals. :-/ #guilty conscious.

  3. Haha I love you! It's such a fine line because some people respond well to tough love and others just feel defeated by it. I'm learning this more and more with my personal training stuff. Each person needs their own style of motivation.

    I totally agree with you on programs like WW. I first lost weight with them and knowing you had to WI provided accountability and knowing the people weighing you had stood in your shoes too helps when the scaled isn't friendly!

    Now go log into MFP!!