Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Help!

Today's topic - alcohol!  So many Christmas and New Years events involve way more alcohol than we would normally partake in and often include high calorie alcohol options like spiked eggnog, Bailey's and mixed cocktails.

Now, I am all for having a good time and I definitely drink from time to time.  The big thing is to make choices throughout the day that will set you up for success after a night of drinking.  During the day before a party, don't avoid eating hoping to save up booze calories.  You'll end up drunk faster, then you'll overeat because you're drunk and super hungry and the hangover will be brutal!  Eat lean protein alongside some carbs and fat throughout the day.  You can reduce your calories a little but I would recommend adding an extra cardio session or two in the days leading up to the party to earn a few extra calories BEFORE you indulge.

When you do start drinking, don't just drink alcohol.  Make sure you alternate with water to stay hydrated and because we tend to want to always have a drink in hand...that can be a problem if every drink is alcohol.  Trust me, you'll thank me the next morning if you alternate water and alcohol.

When choosing alcohol, stick with clear liquors and sugar free mixers.  Red wine also has a host of health benefits and remains fairly low in calories in terms of alcohol.  Avoid creamy liquors, complicated cocktails and heavy beers.  While you're drinking, don't forget to eat a little more protein, carbs and healthy fats to protect your stomach and keep you from getting too drunk!

The next morning, drink lots of water, eat fruits and lean proteins to re-nourish your body and get moving! Sweat out that alcohol! I know we all want to lay on the couch eating pizza after a night of drinking but your metabolism is barely moving after all that booze.  Because alcohol is a toxin to the body, your metabolism works first on removing that poison from the body allowing any food you do eat to remain unused and thus get shuttled into fat storage.  Choosing lean foods will help you avoid extra weight gain and will help nourish your body as it fights the toxins from alcohol.

Remember, the holidays are about fun, family and friends.  Enjoy yourself...just don't damage your health too much in the process!

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