Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Help!

The best way to enjoy the holidays with no guilt and no weight gain is to start your exercise regime now (not January!)or keep up your exercise the whole time.  So many people plan to start a workout plan in January and frankly, the gym sucks in January! It's busy, filled with people who don't know what they are doing (nothing wrong with that, we all started at some point, but it does make it harder to get your workout in) and the gyms are constantly trying to up-sell you on all kinds of stuff you don't really need.  December is a better time to get deals (you'll be one of the few joining at that time) and the gym is quiet, leaving all the machines free for your hardcore workouts.

The best part - when January hits, you won't have gained those 2-3lbs that most people gain over the holidays, you may even have lost a little weight.  What better way to start the new year than with head-start to healthier you?

Are you working out over the holidays? Have your ever made the resolution to start in January? Did it work?

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  1. I've been one of those who start a fitness plan in January...not for many, many years thank goodness, but it was always so defeating come mid-Feb when it wasn't something I like doing so I just stopped and decided "what the hell, I'm just going to enjoy life"...only it wasn't better, it was just the same!

    By being as active as I can all the time, the times when I can't be active are now the times get down. Having a sport I love doing makes it much easier to move several hours a week, stay in shape and be happy.