Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Help!

Food pushers!! You all know the sort, the person who INSISTS you try their famous dessert, the family member who piles more food on your plate than a small army should eat, the friend who says can't you just have one drink...

We all know them but they come out with a vengeance during the holidays. A lot of people over indulge in the holidays and they want you too as well. Well I say tough sh*t! My goals last longer than the holidays. My health lasts longer than one meal. What I eat is my choice and what I avoid is my choice.

When plagued by these food pushers, you can try a few phrases:
"no thank you"
"I'm full, thank you"
"I'm allergic, thank you"
"that doesn't agree with me, thank you"
"looks great, but I'm stuffed, thank you"

I figure if you add thank you, how offended can someone really get?! And don't be afraid to be firm. If you stick to what you've planned for, you'll feel strong and successful through the holidays. If you let a food pusher wreak havoc on your health, you'll be the one who has to work your butt off to bounce back. Remember the choice is yours!
Do you have a holiday food pusher in the family? How do you handle it?l

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