Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Motivated Mondays - Christmas Edition

Tomorrow when you sit down to your Christmas breakfasts, lunches and dinners, take a second to look around and appreciate all you have.  As you sit surrounded with family and friends, remember why you've chosen to get healthy or stay healthy this year.  Every choice you make to get healthier and stronger adds to both the length and the quality of your life.  That means more time with these very people; more Christmases, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

All month we've talked about the different ways to maintain your exercise regime and your healthy eating habits and that's all very important.  But don't forget to enjoy the people around you and the joy of this time of year.  Choose your indulgences and enjoy them guilt free.  If your mum makes the best stuffing, have it, enjoy it and don't regret it or beat yourself for indulging.  Fit exercise in by inviting family members for an easy walk before dinner, or a bike ride if weather permits.   Savor the family, friends, the food and the spirit of giving while thanking yourself for choosing a healthier path.

This year I'll be sitting down with my husband, my mum, my step-dad, my sister and my brother-in-law.  We'll be missing family members who are spread out around the country and around the world, and those who've passed on.  I'll be extremely grateful that I get to spend my second Christmas with my husband (and the first one as a married couple) and that I said yes to that fateful Vegas trip that brought us together (a story for another time).  My sister and her husband will be celebrating their second Christmas as a married couple and will have their two giant dogs with them; two dogs that bring them endless love and laughter.  My mum and step-dad will have an overly full house again with all us kids around but I know they love it and there will soon be a day when we're not all there because we all have huge extended families through marriage now and some years, we'll be celebrating with them (and I look forward to getting to know my husband's families traditions soon!).  The level of gratitude I feel for my life is present every day but over Christmas, I always feel just that little bit more grateful for the people in my life.

It's not always about food and fitness, even for someone as obsessed as me!  Sure, I'll probably run on Christmas day but that's because I enjoy it, not because I am trying to outrun a turkey dinner.  I'll probably have a few more drinks and higher calorie food than I normally do, but who cares! I will be enjoying my time with family and friends (remember the 85/15 rule?).

So from me to you, and my family to yours, have an absolutely wonderful holiday season, a very Merry Christmas and of course, a Happy New Year!

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