Monday, December 10, 2012

Motivated Mondays

One of the best ways you can stay motivated over Christmas and into the New Year is by taking control of your weight plan.  What I mean by weight plan is deciding ahead of time if you are going to lose, maintain or gain a little over the holidays.

If you are extremely dedicated and focused, you can continue to lose weight through the holidays.  After all, this time of year is about people and spending time together, not eating.  But it does take a serious dedication to eating healthy foods even when presented with unhealthy options and a commitment to hitting the gym even when you barely have time.  I commend those who can go to this level and this is certainly my goal this year - and part of why I committed to half marathon so soon after Christmas!

For others, maintaining weight is the best choice.  If you've been successfully losing weight for a while or have maintained a loss for awhile, you may decide to give your body a break from active losing and focus on not gaining (remember, the average person gains 2-3lbs every holiday season...and most never lose it).  Doing this may allow to choose the odd party over going to the gym, or indulge in a few more of your favorite Christmas time treats but remember, it's a fine line between losing and gaining!

Lastly, for some people the right choice may be to allow a small gain.  Key word here - SMALL! 1-2lbs at most!  The second key part of making this a healthy decision and not an eating free for all is committing to losing that weight by a certain date following the holidays.  So let's say you decide that by January 1st, you are OK with  having gained 2lbs, you should commit to losing those 2lbs by January 15th.  This puts a quick stop to the overindulging and gets you right back on track with only a minimal detour.  Not setting both a weight gain limit and deadline for losing that weight sets you up for a long term fall off the wagon.  And you've worked way too hard to do that.  The deadline will also stop you from being like so many others who simply keep those 2-3 extra holiday pounds - if you do that every year, you're talking some serious extra weight in no time.

By deciding ahead of time what YOUR plan will be and sticking to it, you can stay in control and motivated throughout the holiday season.  Remember, this is your plan and others around you might not be doing the same and may even have something to say about what you're doing.  Ignore them! Stick with your goals and your plan and then enjoy the holidays knowing you won't be heading into 2013 feeling fat and discouraged!

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