Sunday, December 16, 2012

Motivated Mondays

I always talk about motivation on Mondays but an article that was sent to me recently got me thinking about motivation versus discipline. (here's the article, it's a Great Read -

We read all the books, articles and websites about health. We pin all kinds of fitspo pictures and quotes on pinterest. We talk the talk...but do we really walk the walk? Motivation is all around us - celebs we want to look like, our fitter friends, goals we may have set for ourselves, hell even this blog! But what is motivation if there isn't any follow through? Nothing!

Discipline is the difference maker. Discipline is say I Will instead of I Want. Discipline is saying I Can instead of I Wish. Discipline is getting up that extra hour early because there won't be a chance later. Discipline is doing the work even when no one else is there to see it. Discipline is doing the work even when you don't feel like it

Motivation is great, it can remind you WHY you're disciplined. But it doesn't get you off the couch! Lots of people have pinterests and instagrams full of motivational quotes and images...that they read while eating junk and watching TV. Discipline is getting off the couch...right now, and again tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that...


  1. Really like the new format Julia and this post. I just got a Fitbit One and am tracking steps, stairs, calories burned, distance walked and tonight....even my sleep ! I have decided I have to be a committed tracker or I tend to fall off the program fast. Jan

    1. Thank you Jan...I had some great advice :)

      Tracking is the best thing you can do. It really helps you see your successes and what your downfalls are. I know it does for me!