Monday, January 14, 2013

Motivated Mondays

One week into the 2013 transformation and I'd say this past week was fairly successful.  I stuck to clean foods and lots of protein and was within my target calorie range all week (which I recently upped because I am slowly trying to make my metabolism work harder so I don't have to keep my calories so low - stay tuned for more on that!).  My husband and I cooked at home all week and even made a point of getting our late night casein in instead of usual sweet treats.  We're both lifting a lot of weights so the casein serves the purpose of feeding our muscles over night.  But let's be honest....the best reason for the casein is that it's sweet treat at night instead of dessert!

This weekend I was reminded why as important as workout and healthy eating buddies are, you HAVE to be reliant on yourself only.  Friday afternoon my husband wanted fried chicken.  I am not a fried chicken person at all, except for chicken fingers, which I love.  I told him he was on his own - as far as I am concerned he is welcome to eat whatever he wants and he can certainly eat way less healthy foods than I can without much negative consequence to his weight!  So while he headed to KFC, I made baked yam wedges and gluten free baked chicken fingers.  Honestly...I think mine was better than his! He definitely stole a few yam wedges and bite or two of chicken fingers.

Other people may work out with you or may be on board for healthy changes, but at the end of the day, you have to be the one who decides how you approach each situation and how important your goal is to you.  People will get on and off the healthy wagon, life will get in the way, goals will change.  You just can not let the decisions of others detract from your goals.

Having this huge goal and having talked about it so publicly has been great motivation for me.  I'm looking forward to another great week but I will admit that I am little afraid of the end of the week when I leave home to go back to work as a flight attendant for a few weeks.  Eating and working out on the road is so much harder because my schedule is beyond hectic and always changing and we're often left with just airport choices for food so stay tuned for how I navigate hotel gyms and restaurant food while sticking to this challenge!

How are you resolutions and goals going?  Setbacks? Victories?

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