Sunday, January 20, 2013

Motivated Mondays

This post is coming from on the road so please excuse the lack of pics!

2 weeks into the transformation challenge and it's going great. It's just the motivation I need to stay focused while my hip heals. I haven't gained any weight despite going from burning 700-900 calories daily from running to burning at best 300. It's been an adjustment but I've often tried to out run a not so great diet and I've been somewhat successful at it. But I don't have that luxury anymore. Every morsel I eat needs to be a conscious decision to fuel my body exactly as it needs to be and nothing extra. Sounds boring? Truthfully, it's forced me to cook and plan more and it's been anything but boring!

This week I have annual training for my day job (flight attendant) so I'll have limited or no gym access and less freedom on food. I'm stating with a good friend and we'll be cooking but I know I tend to boredom eat my way through annual training each year and again, I just can't! I've bought healthy snacks, moved my workouts before and after training to accommodate not working out for the 4 days of training and accepted that these days won't be my best workout wise but they could be great eating wise. Planning to succeed is half of success!

How are your exercise routines going? How do adjust for unusual circumstances or limited gym access?

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