Friday, January 25, 2013

Motivated Mondays

Well, it's not bursitis! Which I guess is good. It's an IT band strain. So more ice, more taking it easy, no running. But swimming and cycling are ok. So in the spirit of staying motivated, and in continuing my 2013 transformation, that's what I'm going to focus on. Atina who I often talk about, wants to get into triathlons and like the keener I am, I happily said "I'm in" when she asked me.

I am not going to set a date yet because full recovery of my IT band is my main focus right now but I am going to train what I can with this added goal in mind. I find it's the best way to stay motivated - lots of goals, lots of variety.

I know lots of you set health and fitness goals for 2013 and I'd love for you to post how they are going!

I also talked about a very personal, but very important issue with regards to weight. Particularly for women, binge eating and emotional eating is something we need to conquer in order to have lasting weight loss. Check out the previous post and stay tuned for more on this complicated and often private subject.

How are your goals going? Do you struggle with emotional eating or binging?

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