Sunday, January 13, 2013

Un-Race Day

Well today should have been race day.  It's the day I should have been running my first half marathon.  I say should because I truly believe I would have been able to do this had I done the things I always recommend others do.  I SHOULD have stretched.  I SHOULD have cross-trained cardio.  I SHOULD have taken more rest days.  But I didn't and so instead of running my first half today (which by the way, is a gorgeous, cool, sunny day in Austin, perfect for a long run), I am writing this blog post inside, still nursing bursitis.  From this, I have learned a lot and I know for my next big run, I will be better able to train in a way that leaves me stronger, not injured.  I've set my sights on the SeaWheeze - the LuluLemon half marathon that started last year in Vancouver, BC (my hometown!).  The whole weekend is supposed to be tons of fun - the run of course, but also a big outdoor party after and yoga all weekend.  Plus you get free Lulu shorts...that was clincher for me!

And, on a more positive note, I take a tiny (VERY tiny) bit of credit for helping a good friend Annie Balant run her first half marathon this weekend - the Disney World Half Marathon.  I'm so proud of this woman for sticking to her goal despite some setbacks with knee pain and having to train in Toronto in the winter! I don't envy her long runs on the icy roads! But she stuck to her goal (and cross-trained and stretched!) and now she is the very proud wearer of the Disney World Half Marathon medal! Congrats Annie!  I helped a bit with tips on cross-training, stretching, and strength improvement (remember that part about needing to follow my own advice?) but truly, she accomplished this through determination and hard work! (I've bugged her for some photos to include here...she's on it!)

There are some big goals I am working on right now - the two I've talked about, the 2012 transformation and now the Seawheeze (August 2013).  There's also another one that I was inspired to try after hearing about the Disney Half - the Dopey Challenge.  That's when you run a 5K Friday, the half marathon Saturday and the full marathon Sunday! Can I do it? It seems impossible...but I sure am going to try!

So while this setback brought me down (and probably brought my poor family down watching me cry like a baby on Christmas), it also inspired me to train smarter, not harder and to set even bigger, more impossible seeming goals.  So maybe everything happens just the way it's supposed to...


  1. I'm doing the SeaWheeze in 2014!!! And of course everything happens as it did! The world, universe, god, whatever is working FOR you, not AGAINST you!!! Remember that you always make the right decision..sometimes it's hard to understand why you made that choice..but it was the best possible choice for you in that moment. I love you and I cannot wait til April!!!

  2. Thank you - I can't wait to sea wheeze with you next year. Oh and our triathlon!!! We're doing it! Thank you for all your support and I love you too and can not wait till April!