Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Great Read

Here's a great article that looks at 5 real common reasons diet fail. This isn't the usual "it was too strict" or "I hated the food on the plan". Too often our focus is to blame the diet, to say the diet let us down or didn't work. Truth is, WE didn't work. Yes some "diets" are ill-contrived and unhealthy but those are never what I'm talking about here. When I say diet, I mean it in the traditional sense - a way of eating. Yes the way of eating I choose right now is to lose weight, but it will also transition to long-term health. Since its a healthy, balanced eating plan, when it fails, I need to really look at where I failed. Where did I overeat, under-train, choose sugar over veggies etc etc etc. Where did I drop the ball and let myself down?

Take at look here.

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