Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Motivated Mondays

The other day my husband and I contemplated going to the pool at our apartment.  We figured we probably wouldn't go in but it was legitimately a warm enough day to sit by the pool.  In February.  God Bless Texas.  We didn't end up going because my husband's poor back was killing him (stairs are brutal for him and we live in a 3rd story walk up).  None the less, just the talk of the pool reminded me that summer IS coming (despite how it may seem to my Canadian or Northern USA readers!) and I WILL be ready this year! No more feeling shy in a bathing suit! No more feeling inferior to thinner or fitter girls! We're all gonna rock the pool/beach/whatever this summer! Why? Because we've been motivated all through the fall and winter.  We've run through the rain and snow (yes, even a TX resident like me has hit the crappy weather running when working in Canada).  We've avoided fatty comforting winter foods.  We haven't hibernated.  We've done more than just cuddle on the couch eating bonbons!  We are READY! We are working towards our best, healthiest bodies ever.  We are working towards complete bathing suit domination! We are working towards not feeling self-conscious, not wearing cover-ups and definitely not avoiding any near naked situations that summer brings!

This is MY year, YOUR year! So stay motivated! Stay disciplined.  We've come so far and summer is right around the corner, ready to reward all our hard work with sunny days and lots of opportunities to show off our healthy bodies!


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