Friday, February 22, 2013

Motivated Mondays

Well...another running setback. I was waiting to see how my hip healed and in the process missed the registration for the SeaWheeze. When I found out, I admit, I almost cried. Almost only because I was at work. If I'd been home, I think I would have bawled like a baby.

After getting over the initial disappointment, I decided I need to choose a goal I can work towards the way my body is NOW, not where I hope it will be. It's too depressing when I get my hopes up about a new goal or challenge only to watch it slip away because my hip is healing on its schedule not mine (and I may have set myself back when I found out about the SeaWheeze because in my anger at my hip for not being healed, I did a really heavy leg workout. I think I wanted to punish my hip as if that wasn't going to somehow make me suffer too!).

I know I will run a half and a full marathon, but I have to accept that I can't decide now when I'll do that. I HAVE to focus on healing my hip. I'm working on some thoughts for my new goal and will probably announce that goal within a week or two. It won't be running related but it will challenge me for sure.

Have you had to adjust your goals? What caused the setback? How do you go about setting your new goals?

(finally included a newer picture of me. Stay tuned for an ab shot cause I caught a glimpse of them recently!)

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