Thursday, February 7, 2013

Think About It Thursday

Think About...small changes!  Small changes are much easier to implement than large grandiose ones.  I used to be someone who would make huge declarations of how I was going to change my diet or workouts and then almost immediately fall off the wagon because it was just too much and felt too depriving to say never (see Monday's post about I can't versus I don't).

Now I just strive to be a little better each day.  I try to eat a little healthier each day.  I aim to push myself a little further each day in my workouts.  I try eat less processed and more whole foods each day.  I aim to choose slightly healthier versions of my favorite cheat meals.  Just be a little healthier each day.  Doesn't that sound way easier than I will NEVER do this or I will ALWAYS do that?  By just choosing to be a bit healthier each day, you are much less likely to get overwhelmed and feeling overwhelmed and deprived is usually what leads to a long fall of the wagon back into a bag of Cheetos and a bucket of soda!

Making small changes also allows for the chance to congratulate yourself for the little victories - and little victories make big wins!  If you avoid the crappy mall food Chinese food and then plan a small splurge on your favorite restaurant later in the week, you can take pride in knowing you said no to the stuff that wasn't worth it and indulge guilt free in the things you do feel are worth it.  Your tastes also change as you eat healthier for longer making it easier and easier to move away from the crappy, junk food towards the healthier whole foods without ever feeling deprived.

It was my good friend Heather, who I've posted about before as a great healthy makeover success story, who really helped frame my thinking this way.  Her attitude when she decided to change her eating and exercise was that at home, she would only eat healthy foods but when eating out, she could enjoy anything she wanted.  This led to big results because it was all or nothing - just constantly improving little by little.  So. Much. Easier!

What small changes have you made? Do you go cold turkey when you start a diet or do implement little changes over time?


  1. Hey are right about the small steps leading to big changes in thinking and doing. But on vacation in St. Kitts I took a GIANT step which has me thinking after that I should be able to do anything I set my mind to. I jumped out of a plane at 10,000 feet and that first sky dive totally re-framed how I look at my life. If I can do that daredevil jump, what else can I accomplish in my "Second Prime"? The answer is anything I darn well want to! I think sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone, shake up our world a bit and then charge forward with renewed zest for life. Stay tuned!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I was so excited to see that you had gone sky diving! And I love that you're using it as jump off point for everything else you want to accomplish. What a great way of looking at your life and all the things you want to do. It's amazing when you see for yourself what everyone else already knew - that you can do anything! So excited for you!