Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Un-Motivated Monday

So if you're awesome enough to follow me regularly (thank you so much to those who do!), you probably noticed a lack of Motivated Monday post yesterday. Here's why:

I should be super motivated. We're almost half way through the bodybuilding.com 2013 transformation and I've had some great success. I've lost weight in the form of body fat, increased my muscle mass and I'm at the lowest weight I've been at in years with levels of muscle I've never had before. I should be over the moon.

Instead I've slipped back into some bad habits. Some I'm not prepared to talk about publicly but I'll happily share that I've been on a sugar, wheat and beef tear recently. All foods I try to limit, wheat and sugar particularly, because they are inflammatory foods and I have an inflammation based injury. I also think I look less puffy when I'm not eating sugar or wheat.

But back to this injury. It's been such a buzz kill. Seriously. I know it's a total #FirstWorldProblem but it's bringing me down. I miss marathon sweat sessions and pushing my body to levels it didn't know it could get too. And my sweet husband is injured too, his more serious than mine - a back injury that's left him walking so painfully that it breaks my heart to watch him. And I know he's going crazy not being able to lift anything more than 5lbs (strict Drs. orders!) - I mean our cat weighs 10lbs! Sean lifts hard and heavy usually, loves basketball and right now he can barely move without being in pain. I hate seeing him like that. And I miss him being at the gym with me. He pushes me more than anyone just by being there...and by saying things like "get it T-Rex" (his nickname for me!).

So motivation around here has been non-existent! We've been eating worse and moving less! This morning I woke up feeling panicky about how far off track I am. I'm pinning a million motivational sayings and healthy meals on Pinterest but pinning isn't doing! But I used that panic positively - poured a glass of apple cider vinegar and water mix which gets the digestive system going, curbs hunger and cravings and has been shown to help fat loss. I did my fasted cardio. I'm icing my hip now and I'm getting a blog post, some homework and some personal training work done. Apparently when I let one thing slide, I let everything slide!

Basically...I'm back! I need to be healthy and happy so that I can help my husband through his frustrating recovery and live up to the example I try to set.

How do you overcome low motivation? When you fall off the wagon, how far do you fall? Is your new years motivation wavering? If it is, how ya gonna fix it???


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. AJ says give up the apple cider one gar and water. That would enter anyone. Drink some red wine. Earthquake! Does she have to have a google account to say it herself?

  2. She shouldn't need an account I don't think. She should be able to just comment here I think.

    Give up the apple cider and what??

    Thanks for the support! If you think I'm being hard in myself now, stay tuned for my next post. I'm addressing some legit body image issues!

  3. Julia...so sorry that Sean is struggling with his back issues. That is so tough and I know it's difficult for you too. Hang in there.

    Tomorrow is the start of Lent and I am going to use that as a motivation to make some sacrifices. Maybe if a Higher Power helps???

    1. The Higher Power couldnt hurt! How's FItBit going?

      Yes seeing Sean hurt sucks and I know it's driving him crazy, especially after so much downtime with his ankle this summer. Yesterday was much better for both of us I think though!

      What are you giving up for Lent?

    2. Should have said vinegar! Hope Sean's back recovers quickly. Back pain can be very debilitating and depressing. Actually all long lasting pain is difficult to deal with and we need to learn to be gentle with those in any kind of chronic pain. I only understood it after I had it. Fortunately mine was dealt with but I try hard to be forgiving of anyone in pain.

      It's very hard not see our "flaws" when we are always trying to be perfect...a goal for all of us is to learn to appreciate who we are and to like ourselves including our flaws. If we aren't trying to perfect ourselves I truly believe that it makes changes easier as we know we are already good. If we are beating ourselves up all the time then nothing will ever be good enough. Am i making sense here? Not sure I've been clear although it's clear in my mind.