Saturday, March 2, 2013

Got something to say?

Ever read something on here and think "I know way more than FatCityFit does?" or maybe "hey, there's more to that story!". Maybe you've got a success story to share or an injury setback you want to vent about? If you've got something to say on the topics of health, fitness and the good life, let me know! I'm looking for some people to write some guests posts so y'all get more than just my viewpoint!


  1. Julia...I just became aware of David Avicado Brown through the NutriBullet Injust bought. Would love to hear your thoughts on this
    Nutrient extraction system and the nutriblasts....

    1. Do you mean David "Avocado" Wolfe? He's a somewhat controversial figure in that alongside his push for raw veganism, he also has a somewhat questioned supplement line. I personally do not believe veganism is the healthiest choice, our biological and physical design (teeth, digestive system etc) show clearly that we evolved as omnivores. If someone chooses to be vegan or vegetarian on a moral objection to our factory farming practices, I respect that, but arguing that humans shouldn't eat meat or don't benefit from that nutrition source doesnt line up with our biological make up.

      As far the NutriBlast, I think it's got some great benefits. It certainly makes consuming large quantities of fruits and veggies easier. On the Standard American Diet (SAD), were sorely lacking micro nutrients and drinking blended veggies and fruits provides a great way to get those. I also like that the NutriBlast can break down seed husks which is necessary for the absorption of some healthy fat like flax seeds. Breaking down fruits, veggies, seeds etc definitely makes it easier for the body to absorb the micro nutrients.

      Wow, that was a long winded answer but in sum, more fruits and veggies are good. Any way you get them in and certainly drinking them makes it easier and faster! So I think it's great that you're doing it, Wolfe has some good ideas but also lots to sell.
      Let me know how you feel with the added fruits/veggies!

    2. Thanks for your explanation....I guess Wolfe, like Dr. Oz, is making as much money as he can with his expertise but they should worry about what that does to their credibility.