Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Juice Reset

This past weekend was my stagette and I also had some wedding taste testing to do.  This led to an all out wheat, sugar, alcohol weekend that left me craving crap food.  Late night pizza with my husband didn't help last night!

This morning I woke up ready to get back on track - twice in the last 5 days I've woken up with stomach pain/nauseous entirely caused by sugar and wheat consumption.  For a long time I was someone who had little to no negative reaction to crappy food but the longer I eat healthy and the older I get, the more it affects me. I am going to look at this as a positive side effect of aging - my body is telling me pretty clearly what works...and what doesn't!

I've done juice fasting in the past and I do think it has great benefits in short bursts, I wasn't really feeling a full on juice fast.  I am training weights pretty hard lately, getting my cardio back up and after being away from my husband for over 3 weeks, I really wasn't trying to be in the exhausted, sometimes hostile mood that accompanies a full on cleanse.  But starting your day with a simple glass of green juice can really help set the tone for eating better all day and help start removing the sugar cravings.  I blended broccoli slaw, green pepper, spinach, lemon and an apple (all stuff that was in my fridge or freezer), through in some apple cider vinegar (more on the benefits of ACV in another post) and then strained it over ice.  Does it taste great? Actually, it's really not bad! It sounds and looks much worse then it tastes.  And besides the massive hit of nutrients quickly, it really sets the tone for a healthy day.  I included a picture, not my own because I didn't think to take one and frankly this presentation is much nicer, but my juice did look like this!

Have you done juice fasting or added juice to your diet? Did you enjoy it? What made your try it? Or why haven't you?

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