Monday, March 18, 2013

Motivated Monday

Motivated to not feel like crap! I have cut wheat out before and aside from feeling slightly less puffy, I didn't notice any major changes.  I've cut it out again recently because I've been cutting grains out most of the time simply because I feel better with less grain carbs in my diet.  This weekend I had a late night dinner of quesadilla with my husband after the Eric Clapton show.  He ordered nachos (from a place we've had a million times and always enjoyed the nachos) and I had a beef quesadilla.  He felt sick within a few nachos and I felt sick within moment of finishing my dinner.  As we sat there, we realized grease doesn't agree with him at all and for me, wheat is way more problematic than I thought it was!

Every time I've had wheat in the past 2 weeks, I've felt nauseous   I wake up feeling dehydrated and bloated.  And it's just not worth it.  I love bread, I love good flour tortillas, I love baked goods but honestly, I really, really love feeling good.  And the simple fact is, when I have wheat I just do not feel good.

As we drove home to Austin after spending the weekend in Houston, we were talking about diets versus dieting,  The conclusion we came too is that dieting doesn't work.  You can get down a few pounds, we all may even need to do it occasionally after too many indulgences but that for life, it's your diet (as in how you consistently eat), not your dieting (cutting calories, restricting foods) that determines your long term health and wellness.  Like I talked about Thursday, if you decide to just not eat everything all the time but to not restrict yourself all the time, you're likely to have way more success   And that your diet should be determined by how you feel, not just how you look.  When I eat wheat, I feel sick.  When I eat chicken I feel energized.  When I eat wheat, I feel bloated and like I want to throw up.  When I eat bananas, I feel light and healthy.  When I look at it that way, it seems so obvious.  The older we get, the more our bodies get very clear about what is and isn't going to work.  And if we listen, really listen, I truly think we'd all be healthier   So I'm listening!

Has your body started telling you what to eat and what to avoid? What foods work for you? What doesn't?  Do you think it's the same for everyone or do you believe it can be drastically different for each person?


  1. I have been pondering the same thing lately. You know what I hope to accomplish and I’ve been wondering, how can I tell other people what they should and shouldn’t eat when I don’t know what I should be eating. Never given my body a chance to talk to me. I read a post recently where the person mentioned not being encouraged to eat healthy when you feel like crap EVERY time you relapse. And sadly the only comparison I can come up with is heroin. If you have never tried heroin then you don’t know how that toxin will react once introduced to the body. It takes my body about 72 hours to recover from a hangover (food or otherwise). How many people do you know that have gone 3 days without eating a processed food item? I’m willing to bet most people from our generation have never known how the body is meant to feel. My mom [American ;-D] lovingly gave me lunchables as a child and I happily ate them, the crackers and cheese as the meat always freaked me out and I now know for GOOD reason!! Lunchables have nothing of value and now they include candy. We have allowed convenience to take priority over our health. Never been taught and in many cases mislead by advertising and propaganda. But again, how can I tell others what they should eat? I suppose, all I can do is share my experiences and hope others can benefit. Take a hit off the WholeHuman lifestyle people, it can make you feel better than you have ever felt!
    P.S. I relapsed again last night and it’s day 1, again.
    When will I learn?!

    1. forgot to answer the question: No, I do not think we should all be eating the same things and our dietary needs can be quite different.

    2. The balance between eating perfectly (which I don't) and feeling like a hypocrite when I don't is something I struggle with. I make my food diaries visible to people for accountability but when I'm not eating great, I wonder how I'll be perceived.

      In my case I was raised in a fairly healthy home, we didn't have soda, chips, cookies etc in the house - they were treats which I think is good. But that hasn't stopped me from having issues with my diet and needing to constantly work on it.

      I think we have a huge market available to us of people wanting to eat and feel better but that ate overwhelmed by how to do that.