Monday, March 25, 2013

Motivated Mondays

I have been feeling very far from motivated lately so I decided that seeing my reasons for why I want to be as healthy and fit as possible in writing might help me keep my focus.

Reasons to be Motivated:

1) Feel better - emotionally and physically.  Sugar-y, fat-laden, white carb-filled foods leave me feeling sluggish and they take a toll on my overall happiness (Vitamin B is the happiness vitamin, the more you eat, the better you feel.  It's pretty much non-existent in unhealthy food!)

2) Wonderful family and friends - I have great friends and family who push me to be my best and support me when I a not.  I want to be healthy to live a long and happy life with them.

3) Career - everything I want to do with my career involves me being fit and healthy.  I need to lead by example.

4) Wedding - my husband and I are having our actual wedding ceremony this May.  I never want to look at the pictures wishing I had been working harder leading up to the big day.

5) The honeymoon - we've chosen Maui for our honeymoon.  Aside from constant bikini wearing which is motivating enough in itself, Maui is great for athletic activities and I know both my husband and I want to do as much outdoorsy stuff as we can there.
6) The sense of accomplishment - setting a goal, a way you want to live your life and then following through with it is one of the most rewarding feelings.  When I plan a restricted meal and stick to it, I feel like I can do anything.  When I plan an indulgent meal, enjoy it and I don't let it spin into a cheat day (or a cheat week!), I feel proud of myself, and in control.  That's worth a lot.

7) Goals - almost every goal I've set for myself this year involves being healthy, fit and happy with my body.  I need to remind myself of how great it feels to reach my goals whenever I feel my motivation waning.

What keeps you motivated? Do you have a list of reasons WHY yet?

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