Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Pretty much the most important thing you consume, after air. How much water do you drink? I aim for 3+ liters a day (or just under a gallon for US readers). On a good day, I'll have over a gallon if water. A bad day would be around 2Liters and honestly, that's still a lot more than most people consume.
I don't want to preach but water is so so important. It's involved in every function in your body. It's the main component of your body. You can go a long ass time without food, water...not so much. Retaining water after a workout is part of your muscles recovery process. And if like a lot of us, you're trying to lose a little weight and increase your health, water is your best friend - keeping you full and helping to flush out the fat. If you're drinking enough, your pee will be clear or very pale. Go pee, check the it time to up your water intake?

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