Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Workout Wednesday

Come March 31st, I will have finished the Kris Gethin 12 week program from Like the Jamie Eason LiveFit trainer, Kris Gethin's program takes you through his workouts and meal plans for 12 weeks. Being totally honest, I have not stuck to his eating plan. He even says it will get boring eating this way and suggests distracting yourself by reading or watching TV while you eat. I don't like distracted eating. I think it's one of the biggest causes of obesity in North America. We drive, watch TV, listen to music, read books, surf the net, check our phones - anything and everything except just enjoying and savoring our meals. Then we overeat because we don't realize what we're doing or how full we are. It might work for Gethin, but I'll stick with slightly less results but a more enjoyable diet thank you!

Now that I'm almost through the program though, I know it's time to think of a new workout regime. I bought a Groupon a little while back for the Bar Method in Austin which is a mix of ballet, Pilates, yoga and strength training. I wanted to wait till my hip was healed to use the Groupon and now that my hip is doing well, I'm ready to use it! Since my hip is doing well, I'm going to ease back into running as well. Lastly, on the recommendation of another fitness obsessor, I'm going to take a break fr actual weight lifting, stick to some body weight and plyometrics and add in Bikram yoga. Now, I've talked about my love/hate relationship with yoga (enough hate that I skipped stretching so long I injured my hip!) and frankly, my relationship with Bikram is all hate. I hate the rigid practice, the not drinking water whenever I feel like it, the cult-like mentality surrounding it and even though I love the outdoor heat, I HATE indoor heat! But I love the feeling of doing something new and challenging. I love overcoming mental roadblocks. I love doing something so challenging that the whole rime you wonder can i really do this? And I truly believe changing your workout routine is important and increases results.

I know all the hot stretching of Bikram will really help take care of my hip as I start training again. I think Barre will be an interesting and fun way to keep my strength and increase flexibility. And I'm actually looking forward to a break in weight lifting after multiple 600+ rep days on the Kris Gethin program

How are you changing up your routine? Have you tried Barre or Bikram? Are you looking for a new routine (if you need advice, contact me!)

(back on the road again - posts may look different, lack pictures or have dates that appear off!)

What I want to look like doing yoga...and what I really feel like!

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