Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Big risks, little changes.

We were in Houston recently with my husbands family and I was talking to my mother-in-law about her new approach to eating healthy.  Like me, she's tried the various diets, having success with Weight Watchers but not finding it sustainable.  Recently, she went sky diving and it gave her a shift in mindset that I think we can all benefit from - her attitude now is if I can do this (jump out of a plane, but insert your own act of courage here), what can't I do?

And it's led to a transformation in thinking for all of us. Specifically, it's got our whole family thinking about health and how eating and living healthy is something we can of course all do!  I think when we all start on healthy regimes, we become very all or nothing - the I am NEVER eating that again, I will ALWAYS eat this or that.  As humans, we like both variety in food and consistency in lifestyle.  We fear change but with the attitude of I can jump out of plane (or whatever your brave act was) so I can do this...a little bit at a time.

You don't have to make big changes, you have to be consistent.  Small changes lead to big results.  And keeping your head in the game is the biggest factor in whether or not you'll have success with anything, not just weight loss or healthy eating.  Knowing that you can do anything will carry you through the hard times.  So pick something you thought you could never do (for me it was the Tough Mudder) and then go do it! Because you can! And seeing that you can will help change your whole mindset when it gets challenging.

Start small, risk big.

What big risks have you taken? What have you done that terrified you?

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