Monday, April 8, 2013

Motivated Monday

I recently went shopping (Joe Fresh Canada!) and had a great moment of motivation (I'm coining MOM - Moment of Motivation!). When you feel good about your body, shopping is way more fun. When you feel confident enough to try anything on, shopping is more fun. When you don't criticize yourself in the mirror the whole time (and why should you? You're awesome), shopping is more fun.

Ok shopping isn't the be all and end all. I do most of my shopping from my mums closet (we are about the same size and she has impeccable taste and generous spirit with her clothes) but truthfully, when I don't feel great about myself, it starts to show. I put less effort into my look and that starts with never wanting to buy anything new because I dread trying things on. I'll stick to a small rotation of forgiving clothes and frankly, it's depressing. So don't wait for some perfect body. Showcase your awesome self now. And keep healthy and fit so you never feel too big or too fat or too anything to dress and look your best. We all deserve it!

How does your weight affect your life? Your clothes? How do you handle it?

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