Monday, April 8, 2013

Motivated Mondays

On Friday I had the pleasure of being stuck at work in a metal tube (the airplane that is) with a girl who didn't bother to call in sick when she clearly was. Naturally sitting right there all up in germs, I caught whatever she had. My bridal shower was this weekend and the last thing I wanted was to be too sick to attend my own shower!

So on Saturday I slept my whole flight home (don't worry, I wasn't supposed to be working!) and I slept another three hours when I got home. Then I ate some dinner and slept some more. In the past, I would have struggled to allow myself more than just one day off exercising to recover. Well this weekend I took Sunday off too and frankly, I'm still sick and I'm going to take today as a rest day as well. That's a big breakthrough for me since I normally think oh, I'll just do a little workout when really, I should be drinking lots of fluids and resting a ton.

The other big part of this breakthrough is that I didn't instantly think I was fat for missing one day of working out. I didn't think I was instantly going to get fat either. In fact, I was completely aware that I am in shape and eat well and that my body is not going to betray me instantly for taking a much needed rest day (or 3)!

This is a huge breakthrough for me and a big step towards treating myself better when it comes to body image.

Does anyone else struggle with testing when you need too? Or thinking that if you miss one day at the gym, you'll be fat again? Any advice for kicking this cold/flu to the curb?

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