Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Workout Wednesday

Today's workout? Running!  Because my hip can finally handle it again but perhaps more because of what happened in Boston on Monday, running seemed like the perfect workout for today.  If you haven't seen it yet, the FitFam community (that's instagram, twitter and blog speak for the people who post about fitness, healthy, clean eating and training hard) has been pushing the idea of running 26.2 for Boston.  Now, that's 26.2 minutes, not 26.2 miles! So you don't have to be in marathon shape (or have 4 hours to kill), you just have to start running!

Even if you don't hit 26.2 minutes today, some time this week, go for a run.  Honor Boston and those killed and injured during the bombings.  Running is one of those sports that really brings people together. It's not a team sport and yet there is an amazing amount of camaraderie amongst runners.  If you've ever dragged your butt out of bed at the crack of dawn to run, you know the smiles delivered through heavy breathing and exhaustion that you get from every other runner out there.  Accounts from Boston talk about everyone trying to help each other and volunteers sticking around to help runners get their checked items back even though it was a chaotic scene.  There's just something so connected between everyone who runs.

So today, get out and try a run.  Try for 26.2 minutes but don't worry if you don't make it.  Just go and run because you can.  And think of those killed and hurt in Boston.

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