Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fat City Fit - 5 Facts

I have a small bio section with a bit of info about me but I don't always post lots of details aboutA me.  I think it's nicer to read the ramblings and opinions of someone you know a little better so I am going to aim to include more info about me over the next while.  Here's the first bit:

5 Facts About Fat City Fit you might not know:

1) My real name isn't Fat City Fit...shocking I know! It's Julia Connolly (although I haven't officially changed to my married name yet, too much paper work!)

2) I love obscenely hot weather.  There is literally no weather too hot for me - dry heat, humid heat, I don't care!

3) I am natural red-head so Fact 2 isn't the best for me.  I love being in the sun and I tan surprisingly well for a red-head....but I still shouldn't be such a sun worshiper!

4) I eloped to Vegas to marry my husband exactly one year after we met there. (that picture is me in Vegas, 2 days after we got married, grubbing on the most amazing beef wellington from Gordon Ramsey's Steak at the Paris hotel)

5) I am really good at Nintendo - not the newer stuff, but the old school Super Nintendo era Marios - Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong...I'm seriously good.  Can't play any other video games to save my life!

Post a little about you in the comments!

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