Monday, May 6, 2013

Motivated Monday

So I wasn't motivated to follow through on my fitness plan for this month.  I was going to do bikram yoga, for the health benefits and to push through my hatred for yoga and especially bikram yoga and I was going to finally use my Bar Method coupon.  I have been wanting to try Barre for a long time and was really excited to get this Amazon Deals coupon for Bar Method here in Austin.  But the structure of the coupon is difficult for me - it's an unlimited month-long membership and since I am out of the country for up to half a month at a time, I have to really time when to best use deals like this.  I was actually home for a month this time (so nice!) but I just honestly wasn't feeling it!  And that's the same with the yoga.  I know it's good for me and that I would benefit from both the yoga and the barre workouts but honestly, just did not want too!

So even though I normally push myself through stuff like this and do it anyway (same with veggies I don't like - I keep eating them until I do!), this month I tried to just listen to my body.  I didn't do workouts I didn't want to do - I felt like running, so I ran.  I felt like doing heavy weight workouts split between upper and lower body, so that's what I did.   I also craved more grain carbs than I have in longer than I can remember so I ate them - cereal, oatmeal, crackers, and tortillas!  And I have to say, listening to my body felt great! I looked forward to working out and I stopped thinking about food all the time.  I didn't lose any weight and I didn't gain any weight.  My body looks about the same as it did at the start of this month except my abs are a little less visible (abs really are made in the kitchen!).

You're probably wondering what part of this is the motivation since I totally let myself off the hook on my planned workouts and I ate pretty much whatever I wanted with no discipline?  The motivating part is that I don't have to fight my body all the time! Years of working out and eating in a disciplined manner has helped me achieve a body I am proud of but has resulted in me being very critical and definitely obsessive about food and exercising.  And it's awesome to finally see that not only does my body actually know what's best for it, my body will also tell me - I just have to listen.

I'm not saying that I won't think about what I eat or push myself towards more veggies and protein and less grainy carbs.  I'm not saying that I won't use my barre coupon; June is my plan as it's my next month at home and I'll be running a lot then so hopefully barre will be a good contrast.  I'm not saying I won't push myself to do bikram; at minimum I am committing to trying hot yoga in June when I get back to Austin.  What I am saying is that discipline is good, pushing yourself is good, challenging yourself is great.  But sometimes, it's ok to just chill a bit too.  Listen to your body and give yourself a break sometimes!

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