Monday, May 20, 2013

Motivated Mondays

One of the best short term motivators can be a big, special event. A big event can also be the catalyst for big changes to your health and fitness. Of course, the key is keeping up those changes after!

I've had a big event looming that's kept me pretty focused lately, which is good, but it's going to keep me from posting as much as usual over the next two weeks (not so good). What is it you ask? My wedding!

But don't I talk about my husband a lot already? Well...we are married already but our ceremony was put off for a year so we could focus on my US immigration and at long last, the big day is almost here!!

This Friday, May 24th, I have the absolute privilege of saying I Do (again) to my true love, my soulmate and my very best friend!

I'll be posting a bit here and there but for the next two weeks, with the wedding and honeymoon, it'll be more sporadic!

That being says, expect lots of great stuff to come this dumber and know that I'll be working out and eating healthy even on my honeymoon (it's a lifestyle remember and working out makes me happy so I include it all the time, on every trip!).   

And don't forget, we've got exciting news (and the chance for free sneaks!!) coming up June 1st...if you're a #kindrunner!  Stay tuned to #FatCityFit and, this is good stuff!

Keep training hard and eating healthy y'all and I'll be back in full force in June! Thank you for understanding what a big, busy, amazing two weeks I have!

How do you get in shape for big events? What will be working on over the next two weeks? What are your wedding and marriage words of wisdom?

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