Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Joy - finding new ways to learn

Recently a friend posted a link on Facebook to a website called offers a mix of paid and free courses with all kinds of different information.  The original class that caught my eye was by Brendan Brazier, a Vegan athlete and part of Team Vega.  He was presenting on Clean Eating and all the benefits experienced through clean eating.  Although I signed up for this class, I promptly forgot about it! But the great thing, most of the courses area also available after the fact so you can listen at your leisure (although you lose the benefit of being able to ask you own questions during the course, which I think is one of the coolest elements of this type of website).

I am listening to that very presentation as I type this but there was another one that caught my eye which was about branding.  Given that I am working towards a career in health an nutrition where I am the brand, the course called Be Extraordinary, which is all about creating your brand really got my attention.  Of course, like a fool, I didn't run tests on my computer before hand so when I tried to sign into this course, I didn't have the up to date software needed but the good news is shortly this course will be archived adn available to listen to at any time.

This kind of this really makes me smile.  Learning was such a chore in school because you're learning everything! Well not everything, but you don't get to select exactly what you're focusing on.  When you're choosing what you learn about, what lectures to attend (and even when), learning is so much more fun and interesting.  I completely recommended checking out - you never know what you might learn!

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