Friday, May 24, 2013

Wedding Day!!

So today is the big day... my husband and I are getting married again! We eloped to Vegas last year and didn't originally plan on doing anything else but after the wedding, we were both sad that our friends and family had not been a part of something that had been so special for us.

We decided that since we only plan on the one marriage, we could have two weddings! haha

Today I marry my true love, my soul mate  my very best friend, my everything.  From the moment I met Sean I KNEW I would marry him.  That sounds crazy.  He was supposed to marry someone else very shortly after I met him.  I had just rekindled an old romance that had almost led to marriage a few years earlier.  But when we found each other it was right.  That simple - he knew, I knew.

Is it easy? Not every day! We moved quickly, I moved to a new city in a new country and then to another new city when his work relocated him.  I leave for half the month to work every month.  We were raised differently and we have tons of different views and opinions.  We're both passionate and opiniated.  Despite all our similarities, we are very different people.  But we love each other - completely, entirely and unconditionally.  Faults and all.  He is my biggest supporter.  I believe in him more than I knew was possible to believe in someone.

Today we get to declare our love and commitment to one another again and I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

( be somewhat on topic...I am so so glad that I always eat well and work out so there was no crash diet pre-wedding, no hours and hours of cardio and NO shapewear needed today.  Haha, superficial, sure, but it's true - I feel great about myself today and I feel amazing that I get to renew my vows with my true love).

What's your best marriage advice? Would you ever elope?

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