Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friday Fun - online shopping!

Is there anything more fun then when a package you've been waiting for arrives in the mail?  Ok, there are probably a few things that are more fun but seriously, I love getting stuff I've ordered online and if it's something fitness related, all the better!

On Tuesday, my new shoes from arrived and they are awesome! I love that they let you try the shoes (indoors of course!) before you commit to keeping them.  If you love them (I do!), then you simply put your old sneaks in the box provided, attach the shipping label (also provided) and send those old sneaks back.  Your old sneaks go to someone who needs shoes and you get $5 $10 Kindness Cash (thanks to Erica at for catching that error!) to put towards your next pair of runners! Couldn't be simpler and frankly, makes the already awesome act of getting shoes in the mail even more awesome!

Oh and did I mention how fun the colors of my new shoes are?

Do you shop online for your fitness goods? What are your favorite sites for health and fitness products?


  1. It's $10 in Kindness Cash! I have a list of links I like for health, fitness and travel deals on my blog ( - Found Links!) and I need at add KindRunner! I love love love a good deal and a good company, too!

  2. Thanks for catching that error Erica! I'll be heading over to your blog to check out your Found Links cause I love finding a good deal, especially on health and fitness stuff since I spend so much of my disposable income in that area! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  3. Online shopping is always good to buy something a lot cheaper, but how do your know if something is small or not comfortable.


    1. So many companies do free returns now which is great. Some places allow returns at the store even if you bought online as well. always has free returns if your shoes aren't right, you can send them back. They encourage you to try them (inside of course) a bit before you decide so you can be sure!