Sunday, June 23, 2013

I won!

Today I got word that I won a free tub of About Time's new vegan protein!  I am really excited about this, not just because I love protein and I really love About Time protein (super clean, all natural ingredients, great nutritional profile and tastes great) but also because it can be very hard to find a vegan protein that I will even remotely try, never mind recommend! A lot of vegan proteins rely on soy as their main ingredient and as I've talked about before, I do my best not to consume much soy.  Almost all soy available in the US is GMO (which I also avoid) and both men and women would do better not to pump their bodies full of soy which can lead to high levels of estrogen in the body (which in turn leads to things like cancer, hormonal imbalance, weight gain and man boobs!).

So imagine my delight when I saw one of my favorite fitness role models, Jacqui at Rips and Curves Personal Training working with About Time to share tubs of this new vegan protein with 5 lucky Facebookers!  The About Time Vegan protein uses protein from rice, peas and pumpkins.  It's completely soy and GMO free and still sticks to their all-natural philosophy.  Such a refreshing change in what is so often a soy-dominated market (stay tuned for more on the dangers of high soy intake).

As soon as I get my hands on this new product, I will be reviewing it here and I can't wait to share my views with y'all!  Vote here or on my Facebook post about whether I should choose vanilla or chocolate as my prize flavor!

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