Monday, June 24, 2013

Motivated Monday - Don't be afraid to ask for help!

A lot of people (myself included) are very private when they start making healthy changes in their lives.  For some people, it's because they have gone on diets or started exercising before and then fallen off the wagon. For others, it's because they don't want to explain what or how they're eating or justify every treat they enjoy.  Others are surrounded by non-supportive people making it hard to say "hey, I am trying to get healthy and need your backing."

But if you have great people around, asking for help can be one of the most important elements in staying motivated.  Truly supportive people will back you and encourage you.  They'll respect what you're doing.  And they'll help!

This does not just go for healthy eating or exercise plans, this goes for life!

Recently, I've asked for lots more feedback from friends and family on my blog and building my fitness and nutrition business.  And I have to be honest, the feedback, support, constructive criticism and new ideas are amazing.  My awesome mother-in-law (MIL), who I speak of often, gave me some of the most amazing ideas and feedback last weekend. My MIL had had ideas building up for a long time, she has an incredible background in media and news, but she hadn't wanted to say anything until I asked for help because it can be so sensitive to give people feedback and criticism,.  But when I did ask was awesome!  Her ideas have already led to changes on this blog and they'll also be impacting major changes going forward that will turn this site into an even bigger, better source of health and nutrition news!  I wouldn't have had those ideas or been so sure of her support with just asking for help!

Yesterday, I was having lunch with my mum (stay tuned for more fun from her first visit to Austin, TX) and my husband talking about the blog and my business and she too had some amazing ideas.  I can't talk too much about those yet because they are still spinning around and developing in my head but suffice to say, they opened up a whole new way of thinking for me in terms of what I have to offer with my nutrition knowledge and how specifically, the state of Texas could benefit!  Again, just by asking for help!

When you ask the real supporters, the ones who want to see you succeed and who truly care, you'll find yourself with tons of new ideas, much needed constructive criticism, honest but supportive feedback and new motivation.  The excitement I feel about implementing new ideas gets me even more amped about not just this blog, but my workouts, my personal training, my nutrition consulting and growing my brand! Knowing others believe in me, and want to help just adds an extra layer to my belief in myself! When I feel down, or depleted, I can ask them for help or support or fresh ideas!

Do you ask for help? Do you have supportive people around you? Do you know that you can always come here for support, info and motivation?!

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