Monday, June 3, 2013

Motivated Mondays - Back from my honeymoon and launch day!

Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience as the last week went by without any posts!  Today is a BIG day! is launching TODAY and I proud to be working with this great company. has an amazing concept - you need new runners, someone else needs a decent pair of shoes, bring those people together!  Basically you order shoes from, when they arrive, you put your old pair of sneakers in the box and they are shipped for free back to  Upon receiving your old sneaks, credits you Kindness Cash Rewards which you can use towards your next purchase from!  You're going to buy new sneakers anyway, why not get a little credit for it??  On top of all that goodness, is staffed with professionals who can offer you all kinds of help in picking the right sneaks for you.  And that's not all, they are going to offer all kinds of amazing apparel and products for avid and beginning runners alike.  Launch day is TODAY so go check out!

Now where I have been this past week? Honeymooning with amazing husband Sean in Maui.  This was an awesome trip for the obvious reasons (Sean, sun, surf, sand, relaxation) but also because for the first time in years, I ate and drank whatever I felt like, only worked out when I felt like it (even got a couple good runs in and my hip is holding steady - SeaWheeze here I come!) and I never, ever felt guilty or called myself fat.  I did say I felt puffy which was true - a lot more salt, fat and alcohol than either Sean or I would normally consume between rehearsal dinners, wedding dinners, dinners with relatives in town for the wedding and then the honeymoon.  But I recognized (FINALLY!) that relaxing about my body, my diet and my exercise regime for a week does not undo all the good work I do most of the time.  Perfection is not at all necessary when it comes to living a healthy life.  So enjoy everything, eat foods you love and work out to feel good and yes, push yourself...but sometimes, just sit back and enjoy life!

I'll be back to regular posting and definitely encourage you to share your successes and struggles in the comments below and go check out Kindrunner!

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