Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekend Warriors

This weekend, have fun but don't undo all your hard work by eating a bunch of crap and drinking your face off.  Calories you eat on the weekend have to be burned off at some point too! There are no freebies! I'm not saying don't enjoy yourself but choose a few indulgences and ignore the rest.  Don't pig out on processed crap or trade your water in for soda!

And you probably have a bit more time on the weekends than you do during the week...use that time to get an extra long workout out in.  Or fit exercise into your weekend - swimming, hiking, walking the dog, playing a sport - just keep moving and eat well and you won't wake up on Monday wondering how much damage you did to your healthy body! Stay strong Weekend Warriors!

How are you staying healthy this weekend? What are your weekend indulgences?


  1. Just went I wanted to have a cheat "weekend" I come across this post. Good point about the calories having to be burned off at some point. Guess I'll take it easy this weekend.

    1. YaYa R, thank you got the comment! I know I used to blow all my hard work by eating crap food all weekend and not working out much. I still have some weekends like that...but I try to remember how great I felt Monday when I don't do that!
      Thanks for stopping by and hope you'll be back!

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