Wednesday, July 17, 2013

About Time Vegan Protein - A Product Review!

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to win a 2lb tub of About Time Vegan protein.  I have been vocal about the fact that I often avoid vegan proteins because of the reliance on soy, a product that I try to avoid because of it can cause an increase in estrogen in the body and because the vast majority of soy available in North America is GMO.

Well About Time has made a vegan protein that has no soy - the protein comes from rice, peas and pumpkin!  Instantly I was curious and when I won a free tub, I was even more excited.  I've used About Time for a while now (the whey version) and I love that their protein is sweetened with Stevia instead of sucralose like so many proteins.  I also like the extremely short ingredient lists, and the fact that for 20g of protein, it's only 105 calories!  I love the flavors I have tried in the whey version (vanilla, birthday cake, mocha mint and peanut butter) and I have to say, the chocolate vegan protein is delicious! If you're a serious chocolate fiend like me, you'll love the pure chocolate-y taste and the thickness is such that you almost feel like you're having a chocolate milkshake.  And this protein is incredibly easy to digest (some people find whey a bit troublesome).  I was worried that a vegan protein would feel as satisfying or leave me feeling as energized as the whey version (I admit, I can be skeptical about vegan options...I'm learning! haha) but I felt like my muscles were refueled and strong after taking this protein.  And did I mention how chocolate-y it is...cause I love chocolate!

Full disclosure, I am working as a rep for About Time now (I guess all my pushing of their protein got their attention!) but even if I wasn't, I would still totally recommend both their vegan and whey options.  If you're skeptical, they will ship you two sample size flavors for just $4.99.  You can also save 25% by using the promo code FatCityFit.

Stay tuned for recipes creating by me using About Time protein!

Have you tried About Time? What protein do you use?


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